Friday, 19 February 2010

Folklore Accounts Part Three: Strange Cries

Reports in the modern era seem relatively numerous, regarding large cats – as of the last fifty or so years - due to press interest and influence, and the constant connections made between felids and owners who released such cats in the ‘60s and ‘70s. During the 1930s an Irene Roberts wrote to a magazine known as The Field commenting on the peculiar screams she’d heard behind her home at Lightwater, Surrey. Such noises were described as being of, ‘…peculiar intensity, expressing, it seemed, mortal fear and physical pain.’
Irene Roberts had become accustomed to hearing the noises of foxes and other indigenous species, but felt that this eerie cry was from an animal far larger and more exotic.


  1. Neil, Good luck with this blog. The big cats of Surrey are of particular interest to me as I spent a lot of time camping out in the woods there; also sneaking around the heaths all stealthy-like, on the trail of various reptiles. Never seen a big cat yet, but I live in hope! I hope to catch up with you one day - St Rick

  2. If it helps, I know where 'Irene Roberts' lived. That location is exactly the type of place I would expect a big cat could live. There is lots of land and other animals and not much human activity.