Sunday 12 February 2012

Unusual sightings in Surrey...

A female witness has reported seeing a puma in the vicinity of Ewhurst. On Feb' 11th 2012 the witness was driving near a snow-covered field when she noticed a 'lump' which she at first took to be a fox. However, when the animal moved she noticed it was a large cat - greyish in colour, with thick fur, a long, thick tail and slight tufts to the ears. A few weeks previous a man, who works for a Safari company, was travelling through woods at Dorking on his bicycle when a large black cat ran across the pathway and disappeared into the woods. The witness told a local shop owner of his sighting, and the man responded saying he'd seen probably the same animal at Box Hill previously. Although the 1960s were a high point for so-called 'Surrey puma' sightings, the legend began many years, possibly centuries before, and continues to this day with reports in the county of puma, leopard and lynx.

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